Monday, October 4, 2010

Don't drink the Water

These women are just a few of our clients at Crossfit Central that are currently pregnant, and most of them have been hitting it even harder over the past few months determined to stay focused throughout the pregnancy. The strength and perseverance of these ladies impresses us all. Many of these girls are in the early morning classes, so just remember next time you try and hit the snooze button, you just might get showed up by "Momma"!
Below are testimonials from a few of our girls describing their Crossfit experience while undergoing such an amazing time in their life. They prove that working out and staying fit is not only fun while being pregnant but also essential!

Melanie (3rd from left): I love the fact that you can scale all Crossfit WOD's to suit your own physical needs. This has let me do Crossfit while pregnant and not sacrifice my fitness level. I hope that staying active through the pregnancy will enable for an easier labor and delivery...fingers crossed!
Amber (3rd from right): I have been Crossfitting for several years and knew that keeping up my regimen would be important during my pregnancy. The coaches are great and help me modify moves when appropriate. I believe that Crossfit has enabled me to have an incredibly comfortable pregnancy- no back pain, sickness, or out of control weight gain! Thank you for keeping me and baby strong, we are now ready for our final!!

Cindy (2nd from right): When I found out I was pregnant I continued with my 2 days a week indoor and added 2-3 additional workouts in that I found on the crossfit Moms website. I found that my energy levels stayed high and I gained only the recommended 20-25 lbs, rather than the 40 I gained with my first pregnancy. My daughter was born strong and very healthy, and I will be back in Crossfit as soon as possible to drop the few pounds of remaining weight!

Jasmine (2nd from left): The fittest I have ever been was right before I found out I was pregnant, I had completely changed my diet and was eating all organic, and I was also in the best shape of my life thanks to Crossfit. I am a pretty cautious person so I have scaled my workouts back a bit, but I refuse to believe that we should not be lifting more than 10 lbs or getting our heartrate above 140. My focus now is staying healthy and maintaining my fitness throughout the pregnancy. I use Crossfit not only to retain my fitness but also for to keep me sane, he helps me and my baby feel good!

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~Melisa said...

Wow! That's awesome dedication. Go CrossFit Moms!!

Jennifer said...

Love it!!! I too continued to CrossFit my entire pregnancy and I am positive that it helped me with my extremely easy labor!! Keep it up girls, it's definitely worth it!!!

Unknown said...

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