Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Sweet Smell of Success

This is the first success story from Milestone Crossfit in Hutto Tx. Ben McCue and his family recently opened their box and have already been banging out some crazy results. Ben is my little brothers best friend which basically makes him my 2nd little bro. I am so proud of him and his crew for taking the leap of faith and following their hearts to taking such a big step. Opening a box is no joke, and with the help of Jeremy Thiel's Garage Gym Blueprint Seminar the McCue's made it happen! It is people like this that make Crossfit a home to so many in our community. Congratulations Brian and Moira for all of your hard work and amazing results you have seen thus far, the blessings will only keep multiplying!

Click this link to read Brian's full success story.

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Milestone said...

Thanks Crystal! One of the first things Jeremy said is that Brian would have to drink the kool-aid!