Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bootcamp Brawl

My 6:30 Deep Eddie bootcamp is looking tough these days as we train for the bootcamp challenge between us and Randal's 6:15 LCRA bootcamp. The challenge date is set for this next Wednesday at our stomping ground! This will be a great way for bootcamp clients to meet one another that might not get a chance otherwise. CROSSFIT- building a FIT community. Key word community. I challenge everyone to welcome in new bootcampers or indoor classmates and help them to feel comfortable and a part of this awesome team and community. And get ready, new classes start this next Monday! Reserve your spot on our team today!
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Team CS said...

aw, man. I won't be there on Wednesday!! I'll be rooting for you all :)


Melicious said...

It's *so* on. Painfully on. Dramatically on.