Friday, April 24, 2009

Double C's

The 6:30 Deep Eddy BC completed the filthy 50 today to start them off right for the weekend. You guys are lookin' lean and ripped....just the way I like it! Keep up the Fantastic work guys!

And a big shoutout to Mindy McD on her 23rd B-Day today!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Melicious said...

That workout totally ruled. Thanks for kicking our butts, Crystal!

Maggie said...

awww i'm so glad dre made the pic! =)

Mindy said...

so clearly I missed the "smile" message and I duno what I am doing haha, half gansta-half kissy face?? Thanks so much for such a great birthday morning and for all the bday wishes!!! You all are soo sweet and awesome!!