Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Triumphing Over Weakness

HHHMMMM.....This is by far the worst form I have ever seen on a MU. This is what they look like everytime. My first goal was to be able to do a muscle up, my new goal is to make it look presentable! Not only do I want it to look good, but it is important to have good form because it discards the possibility of injury. As well as perfecting the MU, the Crossfit Central women trainers have been training everyday on ring dips, chest to bar, and handstand pushups. Our biggest weaknesses. But not to worry, we WILL MASTER these movements!
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Bonita said...

I'm placing my bet on the Crossfit Central Coaches to rip it up at the regionals next month. The competition better bring some fine china and silverware to have their butts served to them.

Mallika said...

Yall are such badasses! I am seriously thinking of going to Dallas just to watch, so I can see you guys tear it up!