Friday, August 21, 2009

Crave Check

So, why all of you at Crossfit Central this weekend are working out hard and Zoning perfect, I have been busy eating cheesecake! As most of you know I had my wisdom teeth removed Thursday, super lame. The doc said no hard foods and definetly NO working out for at least 3 days. So instead of getting depressed from lack of fitness, I chose to indulge in cheesecake! It was a great idea until about 30 minutes after the crime was committed, I broke out in a sweat and got really dizzy. I hit a sugar high and felt worse than I did the day of my surgery!

Just a reminder to all of you out there trying very hard to stick to Paleo/Zone is sooooo worth it. The way you feel when eating whole foods that are good for your body compared to eating crap, there is no comparison. So when you are feeling tempted by your favorite junk foods, just remember what its like to feel good and resist temptation.
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