Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Alright, it is time. Time to blog, time to step it up, time to get on fire! I have been in cruise control for the past few weeks with my workouts, diet, and training. I used the end of the Games as an excuse to take it easy for a while.

Well now I know thats bullshit!

I am an athlete and a competitor, there is no off time, there is no time to relax and take it easy. There will always be someone out there working harder, getting stronger, and pushing faster than you. This is not the time to coast.

Get off your ass and GO!

Two week commitment: Zone/Paleo everyday, will not miss a workout, run 2X/week.

Call me out if you can!!!


Melicious said...

GoooOOOOO, Crystal! I want a report on your runs every week. I went this morning with Dave after indoor. the beginning was rough, but halfway through, my snack kicked in and vroooom! it was fun.

I'll show you my food log if you show me yours ;-)


Carey Kepler said...

have you run this week? megan and i will be on the track thur at 8... catch me if you can