Monday, September 13, 2010

Pounds Droppin' Like Flies

Last week my clients and myself completed our 20 Day Challenge. The only guidelines for this Challenge were to set whatever goals they wanted and achieve all of them within the 20 days. I took body comps, measurements, and wrote everyone's goals down. At the end of the 20 days we had 3 top winners. To win you had to hit all of the goals you wrote down. Everyone in the Challenge had great results and success even if they weren't a top "winner".
The top three ladies were Laura S, Noelle, and Connie D. Connie hit her goal of loosing 7 lbs, 3inches, and 3% BF, as well as getting 10 pullups in a row.
Noelle pulled her longest Row ever, lost 2% BF and 4 inches. Laura S. lost a total of 2.5% BF. I also hit my own personal goals of dropping 5% body fat and losing 5 pounds.
I threw this challenge out to my clients because i had initially started it for myself. I knew I needed to lose some BF and thought the best way to be held accountable would be letting everyone else in on it, and it worked. It is amazing what great accomplishments we can make if we set a goal and have complete focus. I know during this competition many people made huge diet changes and did things they didn't think were possible in 20 days. Way to go Team!!!!
If you are ready for a change in your diet, energy, and overall health and need help getting there, feel free to contact me to schedule a nutrition session.

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Jessica said...

Awesome results, guys!